How do I join a meeting?

If you are on a cell phone, download the ZOOM app. One the app is installed, click on the link to a meeting in our menu system and follow the prompts. On a computer, click on a link from our menu. The meeting ID will take you to Follow the prompts.

Where is the meeting ID if I need it?

If you have used ZOOM before, our link will take you right to the meeting. In rare cases, you may be prompted for the meeting ID. The ID is the last 9 or 10 numbers in our link. Example. In this case the meeting ID is 0000000000. The password if any is at the end of the meeting name!!!!!!!!

How do I setup a waiting room?

Under your account on, click the Personal tab. Click the settings tab and scroll down. Under advanced you will find waiting rooms. Enable the feature. Done! Probably a good idea to enable a co host also. This will keep the host from being distracted.